JB Trucking Inc.
EST. 1993

Employment at JB Trucking

JB Trucking is looking for qualified company drivers.
We are committed to providing well maintained, dependable equipment.

As a JB Trucking truck driver, you will be responsible for providing our customers with the most efficient, reliable and satisfying experience possible. 


Your specific duties include:


  • Overseeing and/or assisting with packing/unpacking, moving, and loading/unloading of items to/from vehicle at the move site and/or loading area
  • Able to use a hand truck to load and unload trucks
  • Planning and building a balanced load utilizing good judgment and discretion in coordinating the placement of items, in order to avoid “overflows” as well as ensuring safe operation of the loaded vehicle
  • Complying with FMCSA Safety and Driver Standards
  • Completing and maintaining all required paperwork associated with shipments
  • Keeping your assigned vehicle(s) and interior equipment clean and secure at all times
  • Performing pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections








GA, North                    TN, South

GA, South                    SC, South

FL, North

AL, East

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